Mythic Yoga Challenge. Done. 

And done…

  #MythicSpringYoga, from the 1-10th May. 

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@Sirisyoga –
Our gracious sponsors:




@awakenthepeace –

The List…

Day 1) #Gomukhasana – Cow Face Pose
Day 2) #Gandabherundasana – Chin stand

Day 3) #Natarajasana – Dancer Pose

Day 4) #Vashistasana – Side Plank Pose

Day 5) #Inversion (Yogis choice)

Day 6) #Dandasana – Staff pose (any variation you like)

Day 7) #Chakrasana – Wheel pose or the Ashtanga Transition

Day 8) #Virasana – Hero Pose

Day 9) #Anjalimudra – Prayer Hands (Be creative 😉)

Day 10) Yogis choice

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