First Quarter Moon in Leo. May 2, 2017.

First Quarter Moon in Leo.

Started a Mythic Spring yoga challenge…above is day one and two.

At halfmoons, like tonight…it’s a good idea to stop and be grateful…especially in the progress of attaining a new Moon intention. 

I feel like my intention to balance is coming to be. I’m doing yoga daily and that has helped me stay grounded. I also am so very grateful that I get to teach class on Friday at the yoga center…to me being of service and holding a creative space for people is a gift. A gift to them and a gift to humanity. EVERYONE needs yoga in their life.


The feline! Meooooow! Be frisky with life and have some fun!!! 

Love &Moonlight, 


PS. So many good things in my life are coming to form. I’m teaching weekly…and I just cleaned and bathed my back porch to make way for a new lounge sitting area and yoga space… seeeeeee:

I ordered this set of furniture for my back porch!!!

Meditate with Me.

CommUNITY Flow this Friday with me at 2:30-3:30!!! Bring a friend! Savannah Yoga Center 1319 Bull Street. $7 and all proceeds go to our CommUNITY partner The Savannah Tree Foundation!! 🌳💚🌳💚🌳




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Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Later tonight I’ll talk about the FIRST QUARTER MOON!