New Years Day 2017.

New Years Day 2017.


Melbourne, Florida. They say that what you do on the first day of the year is what you’ll continue to do throughout the year. Today…I sat facing the ocean…eyes wide shut…heart wide open…wondering if I dodged a bullet or fell victim to my own kindness…something that I am having a hard time answering. The trouble with an open heart is that it breaks…and it breaks often. The good news is…it transforms you. The good news is…I’ll continue to have an open heart…and I won’t build walls…I’ll keep cracking open until all boundaries are shattered…and I will always be kind. I won’t live in the past…I’ll only live now. I’ll keep sitting by the ocean…meditating….healing…opening up and letting go. It’ll take time, the healing part, but I am determined to do so. In the meantime…I’m letting it all go to make room for my wild woman to rise…2017, are you ready for me?

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I played on the beach…dunk myself in the cold ass ocean…and did some yoga…I think my year is going to be pretty good if it is true what they say…

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