Baddha Konasana & Motherhood

Baddha Konasana everywhere. Anywhere. 

This will be brief…

I am not interested in resolutions this year. Rather, I’m interested in making the NOW more meaningful… in slowing down… taking it in… And awakening my divine feminine… 

I am no longer interested in living in the past… Or longing for the future… 

I am interested in right now…

And right now…I’m sitting in the Baddha Konasana position with my littlest daughter snugged up on my feet while she is fast asleep… I’m interested in being at her side while she doesn’t feel good. Because that is what moms do…

Pray over your children.. Meditate over your children… Love your children. 

Love & Moonlight,


Always by their side. 

2 thoughts on “Baddha Konasana & Motherhood

  1. MamaStucky says:

    Awwww, what’s wrong with your little yoga buddy? Kiss her from GranMa. And I used to sleep with y’all when you were sick. That’s what mom’s do! Stay right there with them when they don’t feel good. ❤️ You’re a good mama, Kels. 😘

    Love and Moonlight,


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