First Quarter Moon 

For this first quarter moon phase…I’m just honoring my body, mind, and soul. 

Usually I talk about the zodiac sign that the moon is in during my moon posts…BTW it is in Taurus… But tonight, I’m just going to talk…about what is inside me…a little diary piece.

Yoga is changing my life…mentally, physically, deeply. Every day I find progress in my emotions, my physicality, my soul. I’m learning how to let go of pain…how to find peace within it. 

I don’t cry anymore. I’ve learned to just be. I flow. I flow. I flow. 

I’m working on balance…On the mat…and in my heart. 

I don’t cry anymore. I’ve learned to just be.  I flow. I flow. I flow. 

Silent. Considerate. Grounded. 

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Acai bowl and head stands.

4 thoughts on “First Quarter Moon 

  1. Grief Happens says:

    Look at you!!! Isn’t yoga just the BEST thing ever? I honestly don’t know how I would have survived my 30s if I hadn’t been introduced to yoga. I am in desperate need of getting back to classes — just to challenge myself physically, but even just practicing moderately at home and applying the principles in my day-to-day, moment-to-moment life has such an impact. I’m so glad you’re finding is life-changing!!!

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    • thewaldenmoon says:

      It really is! It’s changing my way of thinking…my ways of feeling… The way I feel physically.. I’m really glad I’m sticking with it…I go to the Awakening Yoga Center in Richmond Hill…I usually go to the 515 or 630 classes during the week…and sometimes I make it on the weekend…if you ever want to go let me know! I’d like to find something on Tybee too…maybe during the summer time when it’s warm!


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