Eats. First Quarter Moon in Aires.

Mmm. I find it like clockwork that I feel the need to post on days when the moon shifts into the next big phase. Not by purpose…but by instinct.

Tonight the moon shifts into the first quarter moon phase…and it just so happens to be in Aires tonight! I’m feeling on fire with my intention!!! Ha…you Aires! Speaking of reflecting back to my intention (as the first quarter moon calls for you to do), I feel like today I’ve really set the tone with doing me…last night I went to a Mary Kay facial seminar thing that I won…had a makeover and tried some really lovely face products….me below glowing after the Mary Kay Facial Party!

I purchased some things from a friend and felt very…very…and I mean VERY feminine! And good. Good to the bone. 

Took the initiative to take care of my skin…and then today on a whim…bought some good to the bone food! (First picture). 

Typically, when I get the urge to buy fruits and vegetables, I’ll neglect them in the fridge until they rot before my eyes…but today….mmm, was more than just your typical urge…today was a spontaneous and yet very Aires urge…of buying fruits and vegetables that I followed through with and actually ate! 

Not to mention my youngest was thrilled beyond her years to eat what I served for dinner!

Whole Foods lemon pepper rotisserie chicken (which is unbeatable with a price of $6.99 for a whole chicken already cooked…any of their rotisserie chickens are really yummy), organic carrots (which were on sale), lady of the moon organic tomatoes (had to buy because it was from Lady Moon Farms…hello moon), ranch dip made with sour cream and hidden valley ranch powder, kimchi, blueberries, and Pinot noir in my Virgo cup!. Felt very spontaneous and healthy today! Because everyone who knows me…knows I love to eat candy..most of the time…and I truly eat whatever I feel like…Ha! (No strict diet here!) So tonight was very….health minded! Felt very good!

Thinking back to my very feminine new moon intention …I’m doing me! And tonight I honored my body with some good food! 

Reflect back to your new moon intention…and find your next step!

Love & Moonlight, 


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