Paint Experimenting. And the Story of the Boo Hag.

Children’s art to me…is better than the skilled, educated, master of all art.  Picasso had it soooo right…

” Every Child is an Artist…The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” _ Pablo Picasso.

The above selection of paint colors was chosen by my youngest daughter Uma Kathryn…a real unique little being. She selected those specific colors and created an art piece that tickled me to death…Below, I give you…The Turtle and the Boo Hag.

Now you may be wondering…who is the Boo Hag….well, the Boo Hag is that red thing…and the Boo Hag is an old Gullah Gullah story…The legend of the Boo Hag is as follows…

The Gullah Gullah folk have this saying “Don’t let the Boo Hag ride yah.” which came from this belief that an entity known as the Boo Hag would ride you at night. Legend says that if you’ve had a restless night of sleep that it was most likely because the Boo Hag rode you at night. Now the Boo Hag…well… she is this entity that finds souls at night (people sleeping) where she will hop onto you and suck the life out of you…not all the way but just enough to keep herself alive. She would slip through cracks and holes, through key holes, and underneath doors to find you to get her energy from sleeping souls by riding them and sucking their life for her own.  Now, you should know that the Boo Hag is kind of like a vampire in the sense that she needs someones skin to walk around during the daylight. Without someones skin she would burn to a crisp. She is a fiery red being without the skin…and the way that she is able to walk around during the day is that she has to get a coat of skin from a victim at night to ride and take their skin for the next morning….She wears their skin during the day and at night she takes the skin off and puts it in the corner somewhere. To get rid of the Boo Hag you have to find the skin that she is currently using…once you find it, you put salt and pepper on the inside so that the next morning when she puts it on….she dies.

Okay okay….creepy I KNOW! And being the cool mom I am…I told that story to my 5 year old daughter…who now is painting pictures of THE BOO HAG! hahahaha. I’m sorry BUT that is funny! High Five mom! Memory MADE!!

ANYWAYS….to drift back to art...Uma amazes me in her art work…I haven’t shared much since I’ve only begun with this blog this summer…but I thought that that one was a good one to share first! My hope is to get her to paint a picture everyday…and today she painted that!

SO What I did was take her left over paint color selection and made my own piece below! I thought it would be neat to let her be my art director for a while and select my paint colors…and this is what I made…

These are the paintings side by side…for color scheme….with the pop in bright red…AKA THE BOO HAG hahaha.

And I don’t know how…but I got paint on my face….

THE MORAL of the whole story is….THAT kids are freaking awesome. Their ability to just paint from their gut HAS NO COMPARISON. They are who they are…and they just ARE. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. Kids are cool. And their imagination has no bounds.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Uma was painting that picture to show her friends at school tomorrow because they are learning the letter T…T for turtle…although she told me the red thing was the BOO HAG…she told me she was going to tell her friends that it was “Just a surfboard.” hahahaha WOW! She cracks me up!

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