✨🦋🐛🌸Spring Equinox Tarot Reading🌸🐛🦋✨


Spring Equinox Tarot Reading…

I’m excited to see what comes up for us this SPRING!! This reading is a general reading for the collective… so some of this may or may not make sense to you or apply to you… but my hopes is that SOMETHING does help! At the heart of it, it’s for your entertainment! Remember… you, me, and the universe can’t predict free will…but that’s the beauty in the human existence… we have the FREE WILL to create the world we are living in…and YOU create what YOU want! SO let’s DO IT! Let’s bring in the SPRING with LOVE and GOODNESS!

We open it up with a conversation form the Sacred Forest deck to see what the blockages are, the healing that needs to take place, and then the likely/possible outcome. Followed by a GOLDEN STAR SPREAD using the Paulina Tarot and Da Vinci Enigma tarot and finished with an inspirational card from Work Your Light.

POP in the comments if you want some things clarified and I’ll try my best to bounce ideas around with you! MANY BLESSINGS! Have a happy SPRING LOVELIES! I love you all! -Kelly ❤️🌹

Spring into Summer…

I love living in Coastal Georgia….where Spring feels like Summer…and warm days start early! This was from last weekend…even though it was windy…it was magical… #sisters


The Summer Day

By Mary Oliver

Who made the world?

Who made the swan, and the black bear?

Who made the grasshopper?

This grasshopper, I mean-

the one who has flung herself out of the grass,

the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,

who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down-

who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes.

Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face.

Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away.

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?


So happy to be able to share more days like this with my sister…. Can’t wait until SUMMER on full blast once you get here Sarah! 

Love & Moonlight,


Night and Sleep…and the Spring Awakening.


Night and Sleep (details) by Evelyn de Morgan, 1878


Night and Sleep (details) by Evelyn de Morgan, 1878

Night and Sleep…and the Spring Awakening.

This is one of my favorite times of year. The first day of Spring…  a new beginning… the end of Winters Slumber. A time to start fresh… to clean… to throw out the old… in with the new… the beginning of an awakening…

An awakening to your soul… to the flowers… to the grass.. to the trees… an awakening for Mother Nature and her animal friends….

Coincidentally the moon is in the LAST Quarter phase… a literal term to use. The last of many things… the beginning of many more. 

Now that Winters slumber is over…

Wake up flowers…

Wake up soul…

Wake up Mother Nature…

Wake up soul…

Wake up animal friends…

Wake up soul…

Spring is here…thank you thank you thank you…

So start thinking of what needs awakening… start thinking of things to let go of… start thinking of things to begin… start fresh… start clean… and praise the beauty that we live in…

For some inspiration…and to give praise where praise is due…thought to remember:


the eternal


formless force

beneath the ever changing forms.

I am. you are. we are.


-Jes Allen

Happy Spring Equinox! Hoping that your first day of Spring is the start and continuance of many things good…

Love & Moonlight, 


Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!

Good morning! Still a new moon for setting an intention! You have until the full moon to enter to win! I’ll do updates for the moon…so don’t stress if you can’t comment before the next moon phase! I’ll give some more prompts for intention setting leading up until the full moon! L&M Kels

The Walden Moon

Happy Aquarius New Moon!!!

Well, I’ve never done this sort of thing…so we will see how well this goes! The entry to win the prizes are SIMPLE! You have to do THREE THINGS:

  1. Be A follower on my site by e-mail or through wordpress.
  2. E-mail me your name to: thewaldenmoon@gmail.com to say HEY!
  3. POST a NEW MOON INTENTION in the comments to this post. (I’ll post mine to get things started!)

SIMPLE. No biggy. And you basically enter a chance to win one of the three prizes (winners selected at random). And if you get a FRIEND to follow you can enter again in the drawing. The more friends you invite the more entries you can submit.


  • A cool little weekly planner booklet to map out your weeks.
  • Some Forget-Me-Not flower seeds. (not edible).
  • An organic herbal starter seed bundle with basil, oregano, parsley, and dill seeds.
  • A…

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