Last Quarter Moon in Aries. July 16, 2017. 

Yours Truly at sunset on Ke Ike Beach, Hawaii


This. From our last sunset at the house on Ke Ike Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. It sums up everything about life. I felt like a mermaid. It felt like home. This trip reminded me of how much I missed this place. It made me want to do risky things. I almost didn’t come home.



Thinking. Dreaming. Thinking. This place shaped me into the woman I am today. This was where I blossomed into a young lady. This is where I want to be. 



There are times when I wished I never moved from Hawaii… but I’m certain of how things play out… I’m certain of God and his plan. He wasn’t kidding when he brought my best friend Jamie to me… he knew that we would be life long friends… he knew that I needed to have my girls, my career, and placed me where I needed to be when I needed to be to have them… same with her, she met the love of her life at the perfect time… and yet we found ourselves again in a place where we grew up… best friends in a place of awakening… if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this past week… or watch her get married… timing is everything.



What I’ve learned about myself this past week is how much I missed that Mighty Mama of an ocean… I missed floating around and getting salty and feeling free… there really are no words… 



MOON talk…

What I felt burning in my soul was this desire to come back… permanently… burning like the fire sign Aries. This last sunset was a burning flame that set me on fire.. got me thinking hard about moving… 

Could I do it? Would it be possible? I think I could retire here. Could I move sooner? The possibilities…

For now, at this last Quarter Moon phase, I’m grateful for what I got to experience…


Love & Moonlight,

Kelly, the mermaid…

PS. I have sooooooo many photos to share, but for now…just this one…

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One thought on “Last Quarter Moon in Aries. July 16, 2017. 

  1. MamaStucky says:

    I knew it! You are a real mermaid! I’m glad you had a wonderful time!

    Love and Moonlight,

    ps. there is a mermaid in all girls!


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