First Quarter Moon in Aries…

First Quarter Moon in Aries…

For this magical half moon I’m ready to set life on fire…Aries reminds us that if you are going to get a job done, you better take the lead and get it done…tonight as we are half way to that mystical full moon…assess where you are and then TAKE ACTION! FIRE UP YOUR LIFE! 🔥 Whether you set an intention at the New Moon or New Year…there is no time like now to start doing you! Stop living in fear…and read this article about what Karma truly is…it’s not what you think. Until you fully understand Karma…don’t believe all the labels people have put on it…and then after you read that article…read this one!

Here is where I am at these days…flow from last night to get me in the mood for tonight’s First Quarter Moon!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Tomorrow I’ll get a year moon calendar uploaded!!

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