Happy New Year and First Full Moon of 2018!

Happy New Year!! And happy FULL MOON in cancer the crab! 

What the PERFECT way to start the new year! Cancer the crab! Like crabs we outgrow our shells and slough off the old to grow a new one. Some crabs even find new shells to crawl into. 

This year is turning a corner for me… I cut off ALL of my hair and I’m donating it to charity. I’m taking a break from social media…if not for indefinitely. No more Facebook… No more Yoga Instagram… (my private Instagram will remain private…with little to no more posting… although it’s nice for Grandma and Grandpa to see the kiddos!) Going to flesh out this blog more, if not, just be done with it too… haven’t decided… considering hiding my online presence… and tucking into a new shell to grow for the next year without the world to see… coming back to self…

Mmmm…okay universe…

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Cancer.

I see the moon and the moon sees me…

Cancer…the crab. Grow…and when you have outgrown your shell…shed that one and grow a new one. Change is good. Change is expansive. Change is necessary. 

From my home to yours…

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I know I know…I still haven’t posted a 2017 Moon calendar….aaah. 

New Moon in Cancer with my 17th of 100 Days of Affirmation.

New Moon in Cancer // BUT FIRST from a year ago… 

It has been a whole year since I attempted my first Personal Manifesto. After looking back at last years July New Moon post I have gotten inspired to REFLECT and TWEAK my living personal manifesto. You can find MY WARM UP QUESTIONS HERE and HERE and then my PERSONAL MANIFESTO HERE from last year.

If you are inspired to write one yourself check out last years blog entry on creating a personal manifesto HERE!!

ALRIGHT…so let’s reflect for two secs…and then we will get to the MOON!

Hum…I’ve lived up to it better than I thought I would. I have been doing yoga nearly everyday with an unlimited yoga membership…I have started doing me by way of making what I want to eat when I want to eat. I’ve put love first in everything that I do. I PASSED my pediatric echo registry ON THE FIRST TRY! I have been hit and miss on the writing “everyday” and the blogging BUT I did start a little fiction story last October….I’m working on it occasionally…I should really reserve time to it everyday…but you know, LIFE. I haven’t painted or drawn much…BUT I PLAN to start again on my trip to the mountains next week. Now that I have passed my registry I don’t have anything to worry about so art and writing should come more freely. FREEDOM….aaah that. Yeeah, I’m still working on that. Told you that one was the hardest…although I do feel like I am more free the more I do me….so there is that.


The moon is in Cancer, the Crab, tonight…time for a new beginning and a new intention. Steven Forrest had the perfect analogy to this Zodical Sign in his book The Inner Sky…he talked about how the Crab must build a shell to survive. Within the Crab’s shell is where the transformative work takes place. It is where you grow. Where you do the internal work. Once you’ve nurtured yourself…and grown too big to fit in your old shell…you must shed the old for the new. Molting. Shed. NEW.

Which made me think about our structure…our bones…they are constantly changing….every seven years we have a new set of bones. We are constantly changing…root down and flow with that.

So tonight….think about internal change. Have you been doing the internal work? Have you lived up to your manifesto? Have you served yourself good? Make it an intention to do that. For the next couple of days think about your intention and maybe tweak an old personal manifesto or write a new one!

Cancer Key Words:

Water: “I am rooted, but I FLOW.” -Virginia Woolf

Nurture: Cancer is like a nurturing Mother…just be careful not to be TOO overbearing.

Internal Work: That means…listen to what your soul has to say and do the internal work to connect to your soul. Pray. Connect to God. Connect. Connect. Connect.

Personal Manifesto: WRITE ONE! There is no time limit…just answer the warm up questions HERE if anything!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. “I am rooted, but I flow.” -Virginia Woolf was my 17 of 100 Days of Affirmation entry!




Last Quarter Moon in Gemini and Cancer.


The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time for reflection. When it entered into this phase last night it was in Gemini…but tonight it is in Cancer. 

Gemini can offer you the drive to know it all. The twins…the two talking heads. One to listen and one to talk. This type of archetype thrives on communication and storytelling. If you feel yourself getting too antsy to go, go, goooo and know it all…settle for a moment and take a breath. Knowledge is great…but learning to calm that “go, go, go, to know it all” will benefit you in the long run. Learn as much as you can…but really savor each morsel of information you acquire…and be mindful of what you let others know you know. Humbleness is something we can use within the next few days. Thank yourself for knowing what you do know…and then cultivate a cancerian nature.

Cancer…the cancerian…the crab. The one with a hard shell but a soft inside. A delicate…yet succulent being. Underneath it all…underneath the hard outer shell is a morsel of goodness. Tender and sweet…the cancerian holds the feelings of deliciousness and protects it with its shell. As the Gemini gathers all the information, the crab stores it under its shell…and when the shell becomes too small from growth…the crab finds a new shell to expand even more. Cultivate the cancerian nature to gather and protect your knowledge and feelings…because just like all great mysteries, once they are solved and uncovered, you find a delicious and succulent being inside. Be wise with who you let solve your mystery.

Love & Moonlight, 


Painting by me! Ha.