✨TWIN🔥FLAME weekly check in! DMs tower moment & DFs GLOW up!✨

✨Hello!!! I’m so glad you decided to click on this video!! This reading is a general reading for the collective… so some of this may or may not make sense to you… but my hopes is that SOMETHING helps with you along your TWIN FLAME journey!! At the heart of it, this video is for your entertainment! This reading is for added support for the DMs and the DFS… Remember… you, me, and the universe can’t predict free will…but that’s the beauty in the human existence… we have the FREE WILL to create the world we are living in…and YOU are responsible for creating the life YOU want to live! SO let’s DO IT! Let’s see what kind of support we can come up with as we go along this TWIN FLAME journey to union! Make sure you check out both the DM and DF energies because we all have both masculine and feminine energies and this isn’t gender specific. So take what makes sense to you and leave what doesn’t!

We do a free style spread with the Sacred Forest Oracle cards and clarify with tarot.

POP in the comments if you want some things clarified and I’ll try my best to bounce ideas around with you! MANY BLESSINGS! I love you all! -Kelly 🌹

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