Pisces Full Moon Salutations.

About that FULL MOON in Pisces…

This one…is a bit ironic for me… Pisces, the Fishes, a water sign…. AND A BIG HUGE HURRICANE is headed this way… eek! Hopefully it’ll turn the other way and fade off. But I must say… I am a bit scared. Last hurricane we had a bunch of trees fall over (some still uprooted but leaning on other trees)…. and that was only a category 1… this one is much bigger and there still is no telling if it’ll make it to Coastal GA yet… 

BUT… I refuse to let fear run my life… Tonight I’ll be teaching a Full Moon Salutations Yoga class and tapping into my creative side. Pisces also happens to be my rising sign and I’ve been feeling a little disconnected with my creative nature… so it is about time I play around with creativity tonight… let go of fear and move along my path…

Pisces is a creative, wildly open, sign… and I feel like tonight I want to free myself of all things that try to keep me in a box… and let my soul be just as creative and wildly free as it should be…

And if you want to hang out tonight…

YOGA CLASS IS TONIGHT!! Come do some Full Moon Salutations with me at 6:45-7:45 pm at Life Moves Dance Studio in Richmond Hill, GA! #bestillandknow and #praisedance to glow. 




#happyyogi #yogainspiration #yoga #yogaclass #richmondhillyoga #savannahyoga #yogainspiration #yogafam #lifemovesdancestudio #peacewithin 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Be still and know… and praise dance to glow…

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