New Moon Afterthoughts.

New Moon

This past new Moon was especially heart warming for me…for the first time (of many to come) I got together with a group of my friends to tap into our inner goddesses and set intentions together. 

It is extremely crazy how the universe works and how by making movements, even the smallest, towards the things you want in life will bring you an abundance of love and goodness…it truly pays to make those movements…when I decided to work on myself and join yoga teacher training I wasn’t expecting what I found…

I joined up with a group of 21 other likeminded students who have all blown me away with how kindred in spirit they are to me…unexpectedly. Even when it comes to the moon, sun, and the universe…I found the they too are moon loving goddesses…and from that Daisy came up with the idea to meet every new Moon to draw goddess cards together to set an intention for the lunar month that goes along with what the card/goddess represents…

I drew Abundantia…and I’ve got to say…She came at just the right moment…I’m so open to giving and receiving abundance in my life…nothing is holding me back…

Yesterday I met up with my mentor and fellow mentees…see here:

I have been going through some personal awakenings and at this meeting I got the answers I needed in my current….some heavy words I needed to here from my mentor Kelley (in the middle). She reminded me that life is about now…and even though you have to work through HARD decisions and you don’t know what to do, but have to make them….you can’t screw it up…no matter what decision you make…YOU CAN’T SCREW IT UP…no matter what you decide, that is exactly where and what you were supposed to decide. Your life doesn’t end when you make decisions…you can’t screw it up…I CAN’T SCREW IT UP…it’s just not possible. So I’ll be sending out abundance and what I get in return will be EXACTLY what I need…no question.  

I’ve got this…I’m living the life I choose to live…I give abundance and I invite it in…

Love & Moonlight,


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