New Moon in Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini.

Everyone should have a Gemini in their life. I have a strong affection towards this sign…considering it shares the same ruling planet Mercury (the communication planet) as my Sun Sign Virgo. Something about the intellectual side of the Gemini is stimulating…both Gemini and Virgo are just that…intellectual. In fact they are the only two signs in the Zodical Wheel that share the same ruling planet…all other signs don’t share a planet. 

To add, Gemini’s have a very charismatic and charming quality to them. They are the friend of all friends and they are always there for you if you need them. 

They are always thirsting for knowledge and may have a hard time sitting still. They like adventure and a change of scenery quite frequently. You might even have a hard time keeping up with a Gemini. Gemini’s also have the gift of gab and can be very talkative…Some may even say scatterbrained as they always seem to have multiple projects going at one time. 


Tonight and for the next few days you may feel like you have a lot to say. You and everyone around you might be seeking stimulating conversations. Thanks Gemini. Take care with your words and make a conscious effort to LISTEN as well. It’s easy getting carried away with words…just remember that a conversation has two people (or more) so take care to LISTEN as well. What is that saying again?

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

Read that quote…and take care with how you listen. Be mindful in your listening. Sometimes just listening is enough…no reply needed. 

Tonight is a good night to set an intention. Or start something new. Tonight is a new beginning. 

For me…I want to radiate with love, grace, and adventure. I want to write more and let my stories come to life. I want to be a friend of all friends. I want to be a confidant and sounding board. I want to be mindful in all my actions. 

Sarah just wants a taco. 

Love & Moonlight, 


PS. Gemini’s know how to have a good time…they can bring you out of your shell and if you pay attention you might just find the adventurer within you.

PSS. Shout out to Grandpa Skandamis…one of the most charming Gemini’s I’ve ever known! Your loving nature is what I aspire to have and radiate. You are an inspiration. I love you!

2 thoughts on “New Moon in Gemini.

  1. Mamastucky says:


    I love the Stephen R. Covey quote! I heard that before and it is so true! I try to listen just to listen. In fact, when I’m talking (listening) I tell myself – just listen. ❤️ … Sarah just wants a taco! Hahahaha! She always wants a taco! And when talking with her there’s no room to reply. But I feel listening is what she wants/needs anyway! ❤️ … And awesome shout out to my Daddy! He is the coolest 82 year old Gemini around! ❤️

    Love and Moonlight,

    Ps. I love this blog! ❤️


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