North Georgia // Day Two

I started the day with a solo morning stroll through Helen, Georgia. Chatted up with the Chattahoochee River…. And then took a day trip to Athens, Georgia for some Terrapin Beer. 


Yours truly giving a peace sign by sun shadow. On my morning stroll. The next couple videos are me and the Chattahoochee River getting to know each other.


The Helendorf Inn. Where we stayed. It had the cutest paintings all over it and our balcony overlooked the Chattahoochee River. It was cute..not ritzy.. just Helen.


More paintings from our cute Bavarian style hotel.


Rapunzel… Rapunzel… Let down your long hair.


Terrapin Brewery Tour in Athens, Georgia.


Mark and his Terrapin beer.


Sun and Beer… yours truly.

Been home for two days now…but had to share the rest of the photographs.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Happy last quarter moon…

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