First Quarter Moon in Libra

First Quarter Moon | The Walden Moon Lifestyle by Kelly Walden

The First Quarter Moon phase is in Libra tonight. 

The first quarter moon phase is considered a “Half Moon.” The Moon is half way full and is steadily waxing to full. This is a good time to check in with yourself. I’ve noticed in my experience that I get a sudden urge to want to check back in with myself and rethink about my goals or my intentions and move forward or slow down. When working with the moon, as a natural time clock, you can get a lot accomplished…internally and outwardly.

Before we dive deep into working with the moon let’s just simmer on the fact that today is an important day…the First Quarter Moon Phase in Libra…a time to check in with yourself. If you’ve followed along from the beginning and you’re interested in working with the moon…then you have already set that goal and you have it in mind. Now is the time to reconfirm your desire and prepare yourself to go full force by July 1st, 2015…the Thunder Full Moon. By then I’ll have more worksheets and explanations and tips on how to incorporate the moon and nature into your life. If you’ve noticed, I’m working along this natural time clock already…and my ultimate goal is to have a steady workflow for this technique available for whoever stumbles upon it.

Thought prompts for the Libra Zodiac sign…

LIBRA…the Scales…the peacemaker. The Lover….the unopposed and understanding. The balance…the artist. The calm. Opposites that are neither right or wrong. Everything…is EVEN KEEL.

If you are struggling with something…think openly and see all sides. Understand the differences and appreciate the perspective. There is a gray area where right and wrong can sit together…and that is okay. What may be right for you may be wrong for someone else…the differences make the balance. To leave you with a quote…

“Truth lies in the balance of two. To Libra, every truth is composed of two half-truths.” – Steven Forrest The Inner Sky

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