Camping for the soul. The second attempt at camping…in a tent. We nearly made it safe inside when the sky fell. Staying close together can be a challenge…but nothing we can’t handle.

Trails in the forest…

After the rain stopped…above and below.

The Walden Girls…and Uma’s tongue and stick…

Baby Wyatt and rain puddles…

On a hiking trail along the marsh…

Bat watching…

There is a big part of me that craves a life of beauty…and for this weekend I’m determined to make that happen…it’s important to find beauty in life…an inexpensive way to incorporate nature into your life (and in turn experience beauty) is…camping in a tent. It’s less expensive than staying in a hotel and you have nature at your feet. You laugh…you cry…you learn lessons (like, to bring more blankets and pillows next time)…but at the end of the day, you’ve experienced nature in its rawest form…you hung out with Spanish moss…trees…water…bats…and most importantly your family.

Think about planning a camping trip…plan it out…camp on a full moon…this summer solstice I hope to share worksheets on how to plan around the moon phases and some cool things you can do to incorporate nature into your life…

More pics from this weekend to come…

Camping at Fort McAllister State Park in Georgia.

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