New Moon Solar Eclipse Virgo/Leo.

New Moon in Virgo with a Solar Eclipse with a taste of Leo at the beginning.

This one is a BIG one. So many emotions. Yesterday was the big eclipse and unfortunately the clouds, here in Savannah, hid it from view. Nonetheless I stood outside like everyone else hoping to catch a small glimpse…but instead just got drizzled on. Still pretty cool to be outside while it was happening. Later on in the day there was a magical sunset…so that made up for it…

Here is to new beginnings… and big ones at that… being that Virgo is my sun sign I thought it was pretty cool that the eclipse happened in Virgo, although some may even say Leo. 

For me I’m going with Virgo… and making my new Moon intentions pure. The purify my life and body… at the end of last week I decided to give vegetarianism a go AGAIN with working myself to veganism. I’m still eating dairy and eggs until I can wean that off to… I tried once before and tried to go straight vegan cold turkey…. and that DID NOT work… ironic. My belly bloated uncomfortably…. and it was a bit shocked. So this time I’m going in more mindfully… with probiotics on board… making smaller changes to clean my gut… plant based diet I’m coming after yooooou! I’m also taking vitamins for my skin, hair, and nails… just honoring and taking care of the vessel I was given… I’m also building my stones and crystals collection with my youngest daughter Uma. So that’s fun! Just trying to live more mindfully!

But anyways:.. I’m in a van on the way to Vidalia to see patients… and I’m beginning to ramble… 

Thursday I’m headed to Florida with Uma for a much needed relaxation… going to spend quality time with her and my younger sister Meghan…

Time to take a nap…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Image from Mystic Mamma

PSS. Take this time to purify your life… let go of the past… move forward… purify… simplify… channel your inner Virgo

No Grit… No Pearl…

Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning the laws of what Karma really is… Realizing that Karma is not punishment… Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning that Karma is changeable… Realizing that I don’t have to live in a Fearful Karmic cycle… Changing my Karma on the daily…

For those who feel like you have to suffer from the past… read this now… you DON’T. Change your thoughts… change your life… Don’t feed your past pain your energy… Don’t give it your energy or your thoughts… move on. Even when you don’t understand WHY… Change your Karma… Forgive. 

Forgive yourself and everyone and everything around you… Start right now…

Make a change in your daily routine… Pray. Meditate. And then pray and meditate some more. Release old habits… Make room for new ones… CHANGE YOUR KARMA. You can do that… 

Don’t look back… you aren’t going there…

Change your Karma… Find your Dharma…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Get ready for the Virgo NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE TOMORROW!!! Ready to move on?!?! Grab your stones, crystals, and soul for this phenomenon and life changing event… charge up your life with a new beginning…. God is with you on this one…

Pisces New Moon Intention.

Pisces New Moon…

This new moon has been crazy for me…I feel like the Universe, God, Mother Earth, and Lady Moon are really up to something here! I had planned on taking an exam later this year…but recently started talking with my co-workers about the possibility of taking it sooner. Last night I decided to just check to see if I still could…and sure enough I still had time to sign up for this spring. AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE…the cut off date to sign up was TODAY! Of all days. On a New Moon. With a Solar Eclipse. Do you have chills yet? Because I did. Well I bit the bullet and applied to take the exam and sent off all my documents in the mail today! HOT MAIL to be exact! 🙂 

So for my new moon intention:

I trust that I have the confidence and knowledge I need to prepare for and pass the exam. I believe and intend to COME AS I AM…and be the best Kelly Suzanne there is. I want to tap into my wild woman. My naturalistic being. I want to indulge in the four elements…earth, water, air, and FIRE. I also want to make a morning ritual.

Here are three ideas for some new moon intentions.

  • Set an intention to start a morning ritual. It could be as simple as sitting for 5-10 minutes meditating before you go out into the world. It could be drinking a whole glass of water first thing when you wake up…maybe even add a little lemon. Or try some sun salutations and STRETCH while you greet the sun.
  • Set an intention to reawaken your inner wild woman…or man. Focus on the four elements. You are a human being that NEEDS all four elements to survive. You need the Earth for solid food…try eating more organic food. Try to stop eating processed foods and feel how great it is to eat fresh organic foods and taste all the vitamins and electrons that come from them. You need water…real fresh water. Try some spring water…it comes from natural springs. BREATHE. Breathe in fresh air. Get outside. And get out in the SUN…the sun provides you with vitamins you need! Also try to avoid using too much artificial lighting. Use natural lighting. Go to bed when the sun goes down and let your body produce melatonin…a natural cancer fighter.
  • COME AS YOU ARE. Find the you that you want to be. And just be you. Set an intention to be you…and to not care or bend to please anyone else. You have the power to live the life you want. If you want to do yoga…do it. If you like wearing makeup…wear it. If it makes you feel good…why not? How about writing a personal manifesto…and live up to it!

Here are some key words for the Pisces New Moon to think about:





New beginning 

Plant seeds 


Endings with Beginnings

I hope that your new moon intention and night are all that you have intended. Happy International Women’s Day to all the lady friends!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Pisces and Virgo are the perfect balance to dream big and plan hard.