Moving Through It.

Moving Through It.

Pain. It is there. It’ll keep on coming…in some form or another. Naturally, it is in our human make up to feel this feeling. Sometimes the pain is worse in certain situations. Sometimes it HURTS LIKE HELL. But it doesn’t mean that it is you…

You have to meet it when it comes…whether you loose someone you love, to a break up you wish never happened, to a divorce, to a disappointment, to a bad grade, or something that didn’t go as planned…the pain will come…and you will have to meet it when it does.

Sometimes the pain and frustration you feel leaves you so completely vulnerable…but my friend…you have to feel these feelings to grow….you have to feel these feelings to break your heart…your heart will break a million times in your lifetime…and every time you’ll grow from it. AND IT WILL MOVE THROUGH YOU.

But let it come….let it break you down…CRY, CRY, AND CRY SOME MORE. But DON’T let it squat there….let it break you and THEN SHINE ON. If you give it one really good cry….you’ll feel better. But then LEARN FROM IT….GROW FROM IT…and move on and SHINE ON. Because ultimately it is NOT you…

YOU are evolving…

Love & Moonlight,


PS. It really is okay to cry…and it’s even better to cry LOUDLY….you’ll feel better when you’re done…and then SHINE ON…RIGHT ON. AND LET IT GO…




Sacred. Always in All Ways.

Image and Title Via: Life in Layers on Instagram.

Making room for light…

Rise on…

Shine on…

“The wound is where the light enters you.” -Rumi

This is a friendly reminder: You are not the pain you feel. The pain, my friend, is what breaks open your heart to let the light in. What shines through… is you. 

You are sacred… You are whole… And you are loved. 

Let this be a life call. Honor your sacredness. Listen to your heart. Kindle your sacred flame and SHINE ON. 

It’s not enough to go through the motions. Dig deeper. It’s not enough to play by the rules. Play harder. It’s not enough to live by expectations. Break boundaries

Life waits for no one. Answer those life calls before they stop calling. For the love of love…Life is calling. 

And if you haven’t witnessed your own innate sacred divine self…open your eyes. You have been there all along.

Find those who love like you do. 

And let the light on through…you have a sacred heart. 

Love & Moonlight,