I think Iā€™m turning Japanese.

Hiroko just loves. She loves to love and make us feel at home. Love is love is love. She made us Japanese home cooking! ā¤ļøšŸ˜‹ My heart is never going to be the same. #loveislove #aliceandkellytakehawaii #ithinkimturningjapanese @ Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii. ā¤ļøšŸšŸŒˆšŸŒ‹


This. Is. Home. You know it when your skin feels good. When your body is so acclimated it’s as if it doesn’t even have to work on overdrive to survive. Georgia heat can not compare to Hawaii heat. Incomparable.

Staying in my dear friend Alice’s Japanese parents sweetest little 800-something square foot condo right in the heart of Honolulu. This. Feels. Home. They speak Japanese and little bits of English. It’s so cute watching my friend talk with her parents… reading their body language and trying to figure out what they are saying.

Her Dad is a photographer and painter and showed me his work and some pictures of a house he built in Japan that he visits every year to do an exhibition. From what I gathered, between deciphering his broken English, he has had over 30 exhibitions and over 900 works of art? He calls it his hobby. And says he doesn’t get paid for it… but loves it. He is retired and completely charming! You can tell it fills him up with so much joy. A true artist. Where just the sheer joy of making art and making people smile is the greatest of satisfaction. An instant connection.

Her mom is the cutest little lady, both parents in their 70’s. Her mom said to me when I first saw her that Alice was her sweet one. That she had two girls in her late 30s & early 40s. She wants you to feel comfortable and she’s completely motherly. She wants to feed you and was excited to share space. She showed me old pictures of her when she was young and pictures from Japan. She told me that every day she swims for an hour in their pool to stay young and healthy. She’s adorable.

I want to go on and on… about their little condo and everything in it…. but I woke up really early (time difference) so Alice & I are going to take advantage and get out there to eat and explore.

Aloha… Kelly