Check Point. Leo New Moon.

Check Point.

I could say A LOT about these cards. But I’ll let the eye of the beholder decipher what it means to them. For me? Well… we are on to something. And it’ll take some work… but it’ll be for damn sure beneficial… to a lot.

A LOT…a lot… ❤️

Change is the ONLY constant.

Change is the only constant.

When you are in the midst of an awakening you start to question things…

Popular beliefs start to show their chin hairs… and the things you were once told to believe will all of a sudden not make sense anymore.

When you let go of who you thought you should be… you begin to realize who you really are.

It’s fuggin’ painful at times… and your greatest fear will be disappointing others because it has been beat into your head that you should be a certain way…

Deep down you know that you are changing… and the surrender to that change is going to be BIG & SCARY… but ohhh so worth it.

A bit of comforting advice… It’s actually not as scary as you think it will be.

You’ll wake up one morning with the will to live life on the next level… an up-level…

And you will no longer say… that’s the way we have always done it…

Building Stately Palaces by Candlelight

There is something to be said about living mindfully…it takes patience and intention to really pay attention and live that way. It’s hard. It really is. 

I truly believe in living the life you want. As I get older I’ve become more aware of this. I’ve noticed the patterns in my life that have gotten me here…some of which I’d love to let go of…some of which I’d like to show more of. I am very aware. And very scared. Scared of needed change. 

What would it take to change some old habits? Would it rock the foundation I’ve already built? Yes. Would I be better for it? Yes. What would it take to start living the way I want? 

I suppose I’ve already begun. Slowly but surely…I’m building myself a stately palace by candlelight. I’m changing. 

Love & Moonlight,


Change is in Pursuit.

This was given to me by my mom as part of our Autumnal Equinox gift exchange this past September… I love it! This is a reminder to myself that TODAY marks the day that I signed up for monthly UNLIMITED yoga…I’ve taken classes here and there and in my home…but never signed up for an auto monthly subscription… Change is in pursuit. Excuses can fall by the wayside.