New Bedside Reads

New Bedside Reads… Accompanied by Grandpa Guarino’s Jesus and St. Anne.

I’m super excited about all of these!

Meggan Watterson is one of my favorite authors and Theologists! I read Mary Magdalene Revealed and it has been my top favorite adulthood read! And so I am sure Reveal with be just as good!

Started Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey earlier this week! I love a good memoir type book! Although he calls his book more of an “Approach Book” or “Play book”… I feel like there will be, and already are from what I’ve already read, some really good insights to life.

The last two books are guilty pleasures… love stories by Beatriz Williams and Colleen Hoover… who doesn’t LOVE a good love story?

And Jerry Seinfeld… well… he reminds me of my dad… and laughing.., so naturally I picked it up!

A Short Philosophy of Birds 9.1.21

A Short Philosophy of Birds by Philippe J. Dubois & Elise Rousseau

This is a neat little book I bought in Virginia. Here is a brief little description of what the book is about: (from the back of the book):

“A French ornithologist and a French philosopher teach us to pause, look to the sky, and reconnect with the natural world, in twenty-two short lessons inspired by the secret lives of birds.”

All over my house I have bird decorations in every room. I even named my first born Ava which means “like a bird” or “bird” or “aviary”. I never realized how much I think about birds. But I do every day.