Love is Love.

The thing about children…if you love them… they love you right back. Blood doesn’t mean shit. IF YOU LOVE THEM… THEY LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK. I know this doesn’t mean much to some… but to me, it means everything. Love is love. Period. There are no restrictions or guidelines or rules to love. Love is mother fucking love.

I was raised in a family where my DAD… who isn’t my “blood dad” … was MY DAD. Blood didn’t and has NEVER meant shit. When you are loved… you are fucking loved. Period. Blood ain’t shit. LOVE IS “THE” SHIT.

I Choose Love.

I have loved deeply. And I have lost deeply. I have experienced the greatest joy and the lowest depression. I have been to hell and back…and back again… only to have learned that there’s nowhere else to go… other than up from here. I’ve learned to be gentle, to be forgiving, to still love with every fiber… but for now, I choose me… I choose to love myself first… everything else will take its place.

My room.

My room & home away from home. I’ll remember the wind, the laughter, and the girl sleep over with @akuma.13 … like high school! ❤️ thank you thank you thank you Tamai family! 😘😘😘

I think I’m turning Japanese.

Hiroko just loves. She loves to love and make us feel at home. Love is love is love. She made us Japanese home cooking! ❤️😋 My heart is never going to be the same. #loveislove #aliceandkellytakehawaii #ithinkimturningjapanese @ Honolulu, Hawaii