First Quarter Moon. 

This has been my life of late. Happy first quarter moon. Not much longer before my life gets back to normal and I can post deeper things.

Feeling the need to touch down with earth. 

But tonight…binge watching Raising Hope and taking a break. 

Love & Moonlight, 


Ps. Soon…I’ll share my innards! 

New Moon.

New Moon Intention….


This golden winged dragonfly decided to show up today. On a new moon. In my yard. There is so much that needs to be said that has been left unsaid. 


I danced with it for a while…and then it flew away. What was it trying to tell me? What is it that I need to hear?


I suppose I’m a reckless big hearted woman…deaf to her own cry…seeking what is seeking me…yet lost in translation. 


Will I ever uncover what is covering me?