✨🌞Summer Solstice ALL signs reading! The Universe just wants balance!🌞✨

✨Hello!!! I’m so glad you decided to click on this video!! We tap into the energy of the SUMMER SOLSTICE and SUMMER. This reading is a general reading for the collective… so some of this may or may not make sense to you and may or may not be for you… take what makes sense and leave what doesn’t… but my hopes is that SOMETHING does help! At the heart of it, the purpose is for your entertainment! Make sure to check out ALL of your signs..this could be for your SUN, MOON, RISING, or VENUS sign… so make sure you check them all out (or watch the whole thing because we have all signs in our charts) so that you can create a unique reading for YOU! Remember… you, me, and the universe can’t predict free will…but that’s the beauty in the human existence… we have the FREE WILL to create the world we are living in…and YOU are responsible for creating the life YOU want by making your own decisions! SO let’s DO IT! Let’s see what this Summer looks like!!✨ We do a GOLDEN STAR SPREAD for the overall readings, and then break it down for each sign with a Spirit Animal Card for guidance, and a Major Arcana insight and a wisdom oracle card to boot.

TIME STAMPS: ARIES: 33:41 TAURUS: 34:58 GEMINI: 36:15 CANCER: 37:49 LEO: 38:46 VIRGO: 40:49 LIBRA: 43:09 SCORPIO: 44:02 SAGITTARIUS: 45:22 CAPRICORN: 46:12 AQUARIUS: 47:11 PISCES: 47:55

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