✨Valentines ❤️ TWIN🔥FLAME readings. Pick a pile. Two videos!✨

These videos tap into the energies around your person during this Valentine’s weekend. Had to break it into two videos! Make sure to watch all three spreads because these messages are for the collective and somethings may make sense or not. So keep that in mind when you watch this TWO part video reading! Take what makes sense and leave what doesn’t. Know that you are responsible for your own journey and YOU create the life you want… so some things may help and some things might not make sense… but if anything, hopefully you are entertained! This video is for entertainment purposes only. If it helped someone, then many blessing to you…I’M SO GLAD! My intentions are always to inspire others to go towards LOVE… because LOVE is the ULTIMATE and can come from anywhere! Be love and attract love!

In my happy place!!! I love doing tarot readings because it’s so much fun seeing what messages pop out… I love the road to LOVE… and to me tarot reading has little hidden messages that helps us get to that higher love. It helps heal, enlighten, encourage, and inspire. I love the story making… the insight… the symbolism… the tapping in to your own intuition. It confirms… it awakens… it brings up shit we’ve carpet swept… asks you to challenge yourself and move towards love. I know not everyone gets it… and that’s okay! It’s not for everyone. We all find ways to walk this Earth and everyone’s walk looks different. I love doing Twin Flame readings because I believe in that love and not everyone is on that Twin Flame path… and that’s beautiful. We are all beautiful beings. And we are all on a unique path. Just wanted to say I love all my friends, family, and those I haven’t met yet. And I love myself… Bc damn it… self love is where it’s at! And if by being me and doing what I love helps another being… well then I’ve done my job Karmically speaking! ALL love… ALWAYS in ALL ways. -Kelly

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