Finally Home. 🍑

I do not own the rights to this song.

“I Know” -Bayonne

I know
I know
I know
I have something for your minds, oh
Flyin’ home
Wide eyes, my little time zone
You can take a stand
When you wanna make it right
Constantly mistaken that I can’t say why enough
Chasing after something that I can leave behind
Never stop my dreaming’ but she looks like a go-getter
I see what’s on her mind (I know)
I see it all the time (I know)
Belong, heartstrung
And I understand I’m wrong
Finding tones, eyes closed
What if everybody won?
I’ll take your hands and you can take my mind
Separately created but I know we can do better
Oh, oh
Slipping onto something that I can redefine
Feeling more creative but I can’t stay high enough
Oh, oh
I know what’s on your mind (I know)
I think I got her high (I know)

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